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Welcome to TRIOSOLAR operations and maintenance

A leading provider of green energy solutions, TRIOSOLAR is proud of its role as a responsible Indian business addressing the key challenges that daunt the world and more particularly, India, today. We are focused on providing sustainable, renewable energy at affordable cost to urban and rural India. In a land blessed with abundant sunshine almost all year round, we play a key role in harnessing, harvesting and distributing solar energy at affordable price points to suit the ever increasing energy needs of our vast population. We service both industrial and domestic requirements, with innovative, affordable solutions.

Preventive maintenance

  • Inverters, transformers and MV switchgear periodic maintenance.
  • Module and equipment Cleaning.
  • Grounds Maintenance/Pest control.

  • Predictive maintenance

    • Implementing procedures.
    • Planning based on the annual range.
    • Performance Analysis (modules and other equipment).

    • Corrective maintenance

      • Creation and Update of Technical Training and Procedures.
      • Repairs minimizing production losses due to failure.

      • operation and maintenance Services

        Other Services

        • Management of the installed equipment warranties and insurance policies that cover the renewable assets against unexpected contingencies.
        • DC Health Performance Recommendations.
        • Site security and surveillance.
        • Develop improvement plans for each renewable asset in order to achieve progressive increases in production.


        • Real-Time Power Plant Monitoring to ensure optimal production of all renewable plants.
        • Propietary monitoring platform.
        • In-house monitoring center with video wall (designed for PV plants)..


        • Alarms daily Report.
        • Weekly Performance Engineering Reviews.
        • Monthly In-Depth Performance Analysis Report.


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        Tel: +91 44 - 4359 0422
        E mail: sales@triosolar.co.in

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