A leading provider of green energy solutions, TRIOSOLAR is proud of its role as a responsible Indian business addressing the key challenges that daunt the world and more particularly, India, today. We are focused on providing sustainable, renewable energy at affordable cost to urban and rural India.

In a land blessed with abundant sunshine almost all year round, we play a key role in harnessing, harvesting and distributing solar energy at affordable price points to suit the ever increasing energy needs of our vast population. We service both industrial and domestic requirements, with innovative, affordable solutions. Catering to high-tech industries as well as agricultural, residential and commercial needs gives us a wide spectrum of challenges to address and opportunities to innovate. Strict adherence to quality and safety are our key focus; customer loyalty, retention and delight are the rewards of these high standards.

TRIOSOLAR is seen as a single point solutions provider with a network of approved partners, diligently chosen with global quality consciousness. Our customized and tailor-made solutions are known for low maintenance and high durability with maximum yield at low cost.

An efficient call monitoring and servicing system ensures issue management with quick turn around and minimum down time, if any. Our product agnostic approach to solutions gives our customers the benefit of innovative solutions as a combination of the best available products not just from our portfolio, but from the best available across the world.

Our Mission :

• Commit on the Nation’s mandate; Generate 1 GW Solar Energy by 2020
• Ensure that our customers reduce their grid-energy consumption by more than 90%

Our Vision :

Save the Earth by harnessing the Sun; To collaborate and work with the best global alliances in creating a world without global warming and with zero-dependence on fossil fuels

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