Client Rapport for Efficacy - Impromptu work arounds and solutions for timely completion

Veltech Engineering Works – 50 kW
Manufacturing Unit In Vanagaram, Chennai

The CEO of M/s Veltech Engineering, Mr.Sureshkumar, is a visionary who saw the potential to turn his infrastructure into a powergenerating system, making his manufacturing unit a cost saving proposition. Master at due diligence and evaluation, he was quick to partner with TRIOSOLAR for his urgent business requirements, speed in execution and ROI.

Quick to take a decision, he was also an ambitious taskmaster who wanted equally quick delivery and deadlines. It is to the credit of TRIOSOLAR’s installation team, that we delivered to the client’s exacting standards.

Any project is subject to client’s change of scope based on in-situ conditions. Here too, we had a change in plans owing to site condition. We started structure work could not mount aluminium runner because the existing metal roof was not straight enough for quality mounting and finish.

The solution was to immediately mount extra MS runner on top of the roof to create the require neat, straight alignment for panels. Work got done in 8 days.

We now had inverters to install, which again underwent change of location on site and resulted in change in cable routing.

Changes and site requirements are part of our regular work on the field and the agility and abiity to have a solution mindset and deliver to deadlines without compromising quality is a strength TRIOSOLAR is known for.

The 50 KW system was commissioned as committed and is functioning well.

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