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In a world driven by energy, we stand at the crossroads of change.

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Powering India With Sustainable Energy

Affordable, innovative, and accessible solar solutions

Our commitment lies in delivering sustainable and renewable energy solutions that are not only cost-effective but also widely accessible to the diverse Indian landscape.

We’re not just about meeting the vast energy demands of our growing population; we’re about offering smart, accessible solar solutions designed to power industries and homes.

Our Projects

Our Ongoing Project

Triosolar’s groundbreaking 50MW solar project at Kayathar, nestled in the vibrant landscape of Tamil Nadu, stands as a testament to innovation and sustainable energy solutions

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With meticulous planning and execution, Triosolar has transformed this once idle land into a bustling hub of clean energy production.

As one of the largest solar initiatives in the state, this project marks a significant stride towards harnessing renewable resources for a greener tomorrow.

Our Solutions


Your end-to-end EPC guide, from the initial design to the regular maintenance. Tailoring to your requirements, we handle every aspect of the process and guide you.

Engineering Procurement Construction

Our rooftop solar solutions equip residential and commercial buildings with top-tier photovoltaic panels, transforming rooftops into power-generating assets.

Power Purchase Agreement

Guiding clients in power purchasing

Operations and Maintenance

Triosolar's O&M services specialise in predictive maintenance, corrective actions, live monitoring, and reporting.

Why Switch to Solar?

Rapid Expansion

Triosolar is at the forefront as India's solar capacity hits an impressive 20 GW milestone –achieving the 2022 target way ahead of time, with an eightfold increase since 2014.

Cost-Effective Energy

Join Triosolar in the shift towards a brighter, greener future where solar doesn't just outshine coal environmentally but also outperforms it economically, offering energy solutions that are18% more cost-effective.

Backed by Policy

At Triosolar, we're aligned with India's robust solar initiatives, supported by strong government policies that propel renewable energy forward. Dive into the details of these policies at:

It’s not just about powering homes and businesses, it’s about empowering a sustainable future for all.

Invest in a future that saves more than just money.

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